Hardware labs

Through our hardware labs, we specialise in creating bespoke production grade embedded hardware systems for clients in the telecoms, power system, telematics and industrial control markets.


We have the extensive knowledge needed to help you bring your embedded systems to market quickly. From project inception through to production, we can help with any or all of the development stages. This includes:

  • Stakeholder, user and system requirements capture
  • Rapid prototyping
  • System design
  • Software and hardware design
  • Implementation
  • Unit, module and system testing
  • Integration
  • Productisation


How our hardware labs work

We have extensive domain knowledge and we're technology agnostic, allowing us to be pragmatic but also creative with our technology choices to give you an edge in your marketplace.



The team will ensure that they understand fully the precise requirements and expectations of your project before work starts. This means that we'll know exactly what you need, so that your product reflects your vision.



Taking an idea from concept to production requires making numerous key decisions in methodology, architecture, technology choice, management and manufacturing. We have successfully taken many projects through this lifecycle and are in a position to assess your product and the available options to ensure that we deliver for you.



Our team have worked for industry leading companies and are aware of the absolute need for quality in hardware development. This helps to keep costs of rework down and improves the prospects for the extensibility of your product.



We take pride in operating an ethical business where we take all precautions to safeguard your IP.



Your system will be fully documented with hardware designs and any software APIs described to ease handover of the project to your teams.


Why Intercept IP?

  • We have a highly skilled, UK-based development team
  • Decrease the cost of development and gain bandwidth and flexibility in your team by utilising our cutting edge skills and experience
  • We offer full flexibility and can support any part of, or a whole project, giving you the resources and skills you need, when you need them
  • Gain a fresh perspective, using our diverse industry insight
  • We will deliver to the highest standard, helping to eliminate rework in the future



Our partners

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