by Carl Howarth
On Mon, 5 June 2017

New patent pending technology from Intercept IP can learn who is driving your car in minutes of leaving home

We have today announced the launch of our patent pending software system for driver recognition. The technology can automatically identify who is behind the wheel within a few hundred metres of setting off on a journey based purely on their driving style, the first time machine learning has been used to identify drivers in such a short space of time.

The system uses existing connected car technology in newer vehicles, or technology that can be easily retro-fitted into older models – the so-called “little black box” which insurance companies use to monitor how safely you’re driving – to learn the driving style of different users.

The owner of a vehicle can then identify and register the allowed individual drivers of their car via a mobile application or secure web portal, and even set up alerts based on dates and times the vehicle can be used by each driver.

The software system has the potential to enable:

  • All vehicle owners to be immediately alerted when the system notes an unrecognised driver using their vehicle, allowing them to quickly alert the relevant authorities, should the vehicle be stolen
  • Businesses to control when and where their vehicles can be accessed, and by whom
  • Vehicle rental and leasing companies to ensure each vehicle is being driven by the registered, authorised individual(s)
  • Insurance companies to ensure policies are being adhered to
  • Parents to limit access to vehicles for their driving age children
  • Law enforcement agencies to quickly eliminate registered drivers from their investigations should a crime be committed using the vehicle
  • Eliminates the need for hardware based driver id tags
  • In the future, the technology could also be implemented to allow police or authorities to remotely reduce the speed then stop a vehicle if it’s being driven dangerously or by a driver with malicious intent

The Intercept Services team is now looking to partner with telematics hardware providers and gather data that will help test and refine the system, with a view to getting the technology on the road by the end of this year.


Carl Howarth, Director at Intercept IP says; 

"Control F1 has a long heritage in machine learning, the Internet of Things and telematics, and we’re delighted to have been awarded this patent. The real-world application for automatic driver recognition is vast, and – having also recently secured a substantial investment from telematics veterans Machine to Machine Solutions (M2M) – we are extremely proud to be leading developments in this area."

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