by Carl Howarth
On Tue, 19 March 2019

Intercept IP are excited to announce Gabrielle Earnshaw will be speaking about Sourcery at iOSCon.


Gabrielle will be speaking at iOSCon in London on Friday 22nd March 2019, on behalf of Intercept IP, alongside keynote speaker John Sundell.

In the session, you will learn about Sourcery, the metaprogramming tool for Swift. Gabrielle will explain what Sourcery is and the benefits of automated code generation. She will explore how to use Sourcery by working through real examples, showing how to auto-generate boilerplate code. She will share how Sourcery fits into the development process. Finally, she will give a balanced overview of the pros and cons of using Sourcery. Further details on Sourcery can be found at

Gabrielle is an iOS specialist who leads technical teams creating mobile apps. Throughout her career, she has worked in high-quality software houses and consultancies and is currently the Mobile Engineering Manager for Intercept IP. She now draws on her experience across multiple technologies to focus on team quality and productivity

iOSCon 2019 is The conference for iOS and Swift Developers. It celebrates the latest developments and the sharpest minds in iOS.

Come and join us at iOSCon in London to learn more, with over 143 speakers it’s not a time to miss out!

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