Incercept IP Group & Active Telematics Execute Channel Strategy With Key Partnership Agreement

The need for better road safety is quite urgent in Malaysia - due to high road accident and mortality rates. Malaysia has been ranked as one of the top 3 countries in the world with the deadliest roads with 36.2 death per 100,000 population. Around 37% of these accidents are caused by vehicles and 81% due to human error. Thailand and South Africa have higher ratios and are rated as 1st and 2nd according to Bloomberg.

World Health Organization Road Safety in December 2018 estimates that the number of annual road traffic deaths have reached 1.35 million. Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Bangladesh have increased traffic-related deaths in the past few years.

 Malaysia 7,108 (in 2016)

 Singapore at 197 (in 2013)

 Pakistan at 25,781 (in 2013)

 Bangladesh at 21,316 (in 2013)

The two companies will together provide access to Intercept IP’s unique enabling technologies – including hardware, middleware, platform and professional services – to insurance, fleet and telematics service providers.

Intercept IP will release the IC6 – a battery powered, smartphone connected, self-installed insurance telematics device – followed by the IC7 ­– a solar powered, self-installed insurance telematics device. In addition, develop a product for commercial trucks and buses working with Ministry of Transport to provide an enterprise level solution. All products include unique intellectual property developed by Intercept IP, including crash and impact detection, driver identification and artificial intelligence.

Active Telematics in parallel will work with the insurance industries in its markets to roll out UBI programs promoting safe driving, reward good drivers and provide solutions to OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) who are always worried about warranties being affected by installed devices in after-market installations.


Christian Galle, CEO of Intercept IP says:

“Our strategic partnership with Active Telematics will enable us to serve our customers in Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Singapore. Active Telematics IoT solutions complement our solution offerings and helps us deliver value-added services to businesses on their digital transformation journey.”


Omar Hatmi, Managing Director of Active Telematics says:

“We believe our partnership with Intercept IP will enable us to bring to our markets the latest technology that can benefit our insurance partners as well as make a difference by promoting safety on roads. We will add value to the insurance products derived from our technology and reward good drivers and help improve safety numbers. We surely want to make a difference”

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