by Carl Howarth
On Thu, 1 March 2018

Versioning releases like a pro

We all know that a project should have a version number. When you release new features, you should increment your version number, right? But exactly when in the development process is that? And how do you keep track? This article describes the simple strategy that I use across our mobile app projects at Intercept IP.

Although I’m writing about mobile apps, the principles apply to any software development project. So please read on, even if you’re not part of the mobile revolution.

Aims of versioning

Before getting to the when and how, let’s start with why. My main aims are that:

  • Everyone should know what features are available in the version of the app they have.
  • Everyone should know what version of the app they have if they are reporting bugs or requesting support.

When I say everyone, I mean anyone who uses your app, including internal testers, beta testers and end users.

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