IC 5

Introducing the IC5 GPS vehicle tracker


What is it?

A low cost tracking device for both the fleet and user based insurance (UBI) markets.


Why IC5?

IC5 provides reliable vehicle tracking, driver behaviour data and remote starter motor disabling. Operating across a 9–90V


 voltage range – applicable to all types of vehicles including motorcycles – it also allows ignition status to be detected whenever required.

Location can be tracked in realtime via SMS, app or web, and the system includes multiple alarms – for vibration, overspeed, power off and venturing outside of a specified geo-fence.


How does it work?

IC5 is installed behind the dashboard and requires a professional installation. It uses vehicle power and has an in built cellular connection, allowing data to be sent independently of any other device.


What does it provide?

Vehicle tracking, driver behaviour monitoring and remote starter motor disabling (once activated, the vehicle cannot be started).


How do I integrate IC5 with my systems?

IC5 can be integrated with a number of platforms, and it’s also full stack, which means that should you need any software development we can handle that too!




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