Introducing IC6: our innovative driver analytics solution


What is it?

A low cost, stand alone driver analytics device.


Why IC6?

The adoption of user based insurance (UBI) has historically been limited by the cost of deploying the hardware versus the benefit and 

accuracy of the device used – either the cost is too high, or the device isn’t accurate enough. Smartphone-only solutions are very low cost, but remain inaccurate.

Enter IC6! IC6 provides the perfect balance – accurate data with low cost hardware, no installation and zero costs for ongoing communications.

IC6 is targeted at mass market insurance policy premiums, including those under £500 a year.


How does it work?

Users simply stick our small, lightweight device to the windscreen and link it to their smartphone. No need to worry about charging either – the device comes with a whole year’s worth of battery life.


What does it provide?

Accurate driver behaviour data, including data on acceleration, braking, GPS position, speeding and cornering.


See just how easy it is to deploy


How do I integrate IC6 with my systems?

If you have an existing UBI system we’ll provide you with your own cloud-based data vault – accessed via standard APIs – to integrate into your system.

If you don’t have an existing UBI system our software team will build you a bespoke web and mobile customer experience. Or you can mix and match the two!


Our IC6 device has two branding positions, suitable for displaying your brand both inside and outside the vehicle.





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