IC 8

Introducing IC8 – our next generation telematics device

ic8 device

What is it?

An intelligent vehicle tracking platform with advanced vehicle diagnostics capabilities for the fleet, consumer and insurance markets.


Why IC8?

IC8 offers fast, low-cost installation in under 10 minutes, a built-in battery, an on board Linux operating system to support multiple application development options as well as worldwide connectivity across 2G, 3G and 4G.

It also includes a built in battery to allow last gasp reporting when the device is disconnected from the vehicle power, and OBD and CAN-bus functionality to provide vehicle diagnostic information and supplement tracking and driver behaviour data.


How does it work?

IC8 is installed behind the dashboard and requires a professional installation. It uses vehicle power and has an in built cellular connection, allowing data to be sent independently of any other device.


What does it provide?

Accurate driver behaviour data for scoring purposes (acceleration, braking, speeding and cornering), accident detection and reporting – including recent telemetry at a granular level of events leading up to the crash – and built in diagnostics and predictive maintenance functionality.


Can I integrate IC8 with my systems?

IC8 is a full stack product, allowing you to take advantage of our web and mobile or bespoke development services, but it’s also suitable for integration with your own systems and can send data in any format required.




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