The Problem 

Masternaut is one of the industry’s largest telematics companies, and has grown heavily through acquisition over the past few years. Part of the business’ growth strategy involves acquiring different tech companies to bring in new IP and diversify its client base.

Driven by our deep expertise in telematics and the Internet of Things (IoT), Masternaut sought help from Control F1 in conducting due diligence on the digital assets and technology of a number of its target acquisitions.

Our solution

We conducted a detailed review of Masternaut's proposed acquisitions, producing a report and executive summary which helped the company to understand the risks inherent in the business critical software platforms it was purchasing. We analysed the source code and system architecture, and made visible issues such as the level of maintenance needed, and whether or not the platforms were appropriately licensed.

The results

Our guidance and consultancy helped Masternaut to make informed decisions regarding key acquisitions for the business.

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