The problem

If you’re a service provider, you need an easy way for your customers to report any incidents or issues with your service, and then you need a tool for organising the resulting information. But finding a solution that integrates with existing systems, as well as integrating into the lives of your customers can be tricky.

We spotted the need for a smart reporting system that could answer these issues; a system that would allow customers to report incidents via their mobile phone, and allow organisations to easily manage, prioritise and process these reports through a back end management system.

Our solution

Enter Notify! Notify is a smart incident reporting and management system with multiple applications. Local authorities, for example, use Notify to allow members of the public to capture issues on the road – such as near misses, hazard spots or major incidents – with their mobile phone. These issues are then sent to a central management system to be processed.

The results

Notify provides an effective and scalable management tool that can be customised to fit with existing business processes. It reduces corporate risk by increasing the visibility of risks as and when they occur, and through an efficient user-interface that enables quick reporting and processing.

Notify has already been adopted by local governments, corporates and large-scale organisations.

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