Travis Perkins

The problem 

Travis Perkins Group is a Blue Chip builders’ merchant and home improvement retailer. The group operates 18 businesses in total – including Benchmarx, PrimaFlow and Wickes – with 1900 outlets across the UK and Ireland.

With responsibility for over 24,000 staff members running services that require particular attention to health and safety, Travis Perkins needed a more efficient, modern and scalable Injury Reporting System (IRS) to replace its existing off-the-shelf product.

Our solution 

Enter Notify, our smart incident reporting and management system! Tailored to Travis Perkins’ needs, staff can now use Notify to report incidents on the go via their mobile phone, and management teams can easily prioritise and process these reports through a back end management system. This helps to make risk visible, and through our traffic lighting (RAG) system, which is linked to a set of KPIs, risks are now more manageable too.

Our bespoke solution includes:

Multichannel submission to improve engagement and compliance 

Travis Perkins employees can now submit incidents via multiple channels, including a web app and a mobile phone app. Each incident is then managed throughout its lifecycle via an admin and reporting website.

Built in intelligence 

The Notify system automatically routes incidents to the most relevant person or team for investigation. Incidents are graded by severity and injury type – for serious incidents, the system creates additional investigatory actions for senior staff.

Automated information filters 

Users are only presented with information relevant to their store, region or division.

Powerful management and business intelligence

The Notify system includes a Personalised Dashboard and Reporting Suite that allows users to view key incident information, including trends, lost time, and store, region or division performance.

The results 

Following a successful trial, Travis Perkins has now licensed and implemented Notify across the entire group, helping to minimise risk and ensure that its staff are as safe as possible whilst carrying out their work. Benefits have included:

A Better reflection of reality 

Since our Notify system was adopted, there has been a significant increase in the number of incidents reported. This highlights the constraints imposed by the incumbent system. Under Notify, Travis Perkins now receives a more accurate view of the incidents occurring at its stores.

Time Saving 

The original system was slow, unintuitive, and incidents could only be submitted via a corporate desktop PC. The Notify system allows users to submit incidents from any web-enabled device and via a smartphone app in under thirty seconds.

Fully Scalable 

As Notify is cloud based, it is future proof, and can scale seamlessly in line with Travis Perkins’ businesses.

Frank Elkins, Divisional Chief Executive Officer at Travis Perkins said:

"Well done for getting the new incident reporting system up and operational. It has been on the Travis Perkins list of things to do for over three years so for you and the team to deliver it in less than six months is brilliant – you should be really proud. Please pass on my personal thanks to all the team that have been involved."

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